Skinny Shaming

We’ve all heard of ‘Fat Shaming’. It’s a common problem in our society and needs to be stopped, yes. But what about skinny people? Yeah. Even skinny people get judged. And that’s what I am going to rant about right now. Essentially, ‘Fat Shaming’ refers to ‘The action or practice of humiliating someone judged to … More Skinny Shaming

The Introvert

Oh the joys of anti-social life. More than others, we introverts value our privacy. But don’t worry, it’s not as depressing as it looks. Google ‘Introvert’ and you’re simply informed that this is someone who is shy and antisocial. I wouldn’t say this is a bad definition… Just a very broad one. Yes introverts can … More The Introvert

Thoughts On Mary Jane

I’ve never smoked marijuana myself, but I have known and even dated people who do. Basically, these are the views of someone on the edge. Should weed be legalised? Or not? Honestly it doesn’t effect me either way. Though I suppose legalising weed wouldn’t hurt. Statistically, marijuana has killed zero people. Zero. In fact good … More Thoughts On Mary Jane

When Heartbroken

Ahh that good old broken-hearted feeling. Hurts like a bitch I know. Having had my heart broken myself, I’ve discovered a thing or two that won’t cure your heartache, but might just make it a little easier. Watch a kids movie In my experience, watching an innocent, animated film (Disney movies do the job well) … More When Heartbroken

The One Dollar Car

That old Mercedes Benz, left in our yard for almost a year. Just sitting there, was more of an annoyance than anything. Until the process of getting rid of it opened up an interesting story about it’s past. Late one night, a few of my housemates arrived home from a party out of town. But … More The One Dollar Car