Carmen’s A Little Taste Of Italy – Review

Located in my hometown Muswellbrook, Carmen’s A Little Taste Of Italy sits comfortably on the corner of Maitland Street and Bell Street conveniently joint to The Hermitage Hotel.

With the wish of celebrating my sisters birthday in mind, my family and I chose Carmen’s for it’s fine dining and sophisticated atmosphere.

The restaurant itself was of a relatively small size, with a white panelled ceiling that gives off a lighthouse feel. From the ceiling hung a large white crystal chandelier. White walls and touches of creamy stone lined the restaurant with long glass windows aligning a third of the round room.

The menu was filled with authentic Italian foods each listed with their traditional Italian names. I decided to order from the three course pasta menu ($35 for all three courses) not bad pricing if you ask me.

For an entree I ordered the Cheesy Garlic Bread. This comes in two generous serves, each piece of garlic bread was roughly the size of a hotdog bun. This was cooked to perfection with just the right amount of cheese. I will have to give the restaurant kudos for sourcing their cheese locally.

For a main I ordered the Pasta e Polpette, which is basically spaghetti with Carmen’s family recipe meatballs in a rich pomodoro sauce. Served with a small bowl of feta cheese, the spaghetti was cooked wonderfully, completely smothered in the pomodoro sauce in such a way that made it taste so strong and hot yet delicious. The meatballs were way too large to eat in just one bite, but they also tasted great.

For dessert I ordered the Budino al Cioccolato, as described on the menu this is a rich, moist chocolate self-saucing pudding served with creamy vanilla ice-cream. This description does not do it justice however. This is possibly the best dessert I have ever tried. A dessert I am already craving again. The dish was made up of two separate bowls, in one was the unbelievably delicious chocolate pudding with a gooey chocolate centre and another piece of chocolate and of course a strawberry on top. In the other bowl was the vanilla ice-cream topped with something that looked similar to white fairy floss. Even after the generous servings of garlic bread and spaghetti, there was no way I wasn’t going to eat every last bite of this magical dessert!

Overall, Carmen’s A Little Taste Of Italy never fails to provide exceptional customer service and delicious food. It truly offers a fantastic dining experience even if the items on the menu take awhile to pronounce. But that just adds to the fun!

Happy dining.



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