A Mood That Changes With The Weather

When we think of the weather, we tend to associate sunny days with happiness and joy while rainy days radiate a sad and miserable vibe. As crazy as it sounds, changes in weather seem to change my mood as well.

I hate rain. Absolutely hate it. I know that in many ways rain is essential to society. Without rain, farmers and their crops would suffer, waterholes and rivers could dry up, livestock could die of thirst, produce would become scarce, etc etc. So yes ok rain = good. Still bums me out though.

Most of my friends think it’s crazy.
‘How could you not like rain?! I love it!’ Well sure, if being cold and wet is what you’re into, I guess I understand. Kinda. Not really.

For me, the sight of dark clouds creeping closer fills me with dread.
Oh crap.
My plans are ruined!
These clothes aren’t going to work…
Goodbye perfect hairstyle,
Hi there frizzy hair,
But my clothes are on the line…
I can’t wear those shoes now,
Hi there mud.


Most of all, hello shitty mood. I don’t know why, but my most depressing days seem to be of the rainy sort. Even if I’m inside. I lose all motivation, my stress levels sky rocket, my happy mood is drowned, literally. Oh and don’t even bother talking to me because my tolerance levels are practically non-existent.

Then, as if by magic. The emergence of the sun and blue skies make all my worries disappear.

I can’t quite figure out what exactly it is about rainy days that brings down my mood so much. Is it the cold and wet aspect? The fact that all outside activities are basically thrown out the window? Perhaps it’s the lack of bright colours? Or maybe it’s the emergence of the annoyingly impossible task of staying clean and presentable after being in the rain. Who knows.

Do you share my displeasure toward rain? If so I’d love to hear from you!

Stay happy and dry my friends.


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