Skinny Shaming

We’ve all heard of ‘Fat Shaming’. It’s a common problem in our society and needs to be stopped, yes. But what about skinny people? Yeah. Even skinny people get judged. And that’s what I am going to rant about right now.

Essentially, ‘Fat Shaming’ refers to ‘The action or practice of humiliating someone judged to be fat or overweight by making mocking or critical comments about their size.’ Take that definition and swap ‘fat or overweight’ with ‘skinny or underweight’ and you have ‘skinny shaming.’

I’m a skinny person, always have been and I’m happy with that. But there is always a significant group of people in society that has the need to pick at you and what they like to think are your ‘flaws.’ Where I’m from, we have another name for these people: arseholes.

I’ve had my own share of skinny shaming. Mostly I would just receive an annoying comment from a family member or family friend that would go something like ‘girl you need to some meat on your bones!’ Or ‘don’t you ever eat?’ One memory that has had the biggest impact on me occurred a few years ago when I was staying with a friend and her family on the coast. My friend’s cousin had been such great company until one day when she looked at my legs and said ‘oh my god you’re so skinny!’ I smiled and said ‘is that a bad thing?’ I was shocked when she said ‘yes! That’s not healthy at all!’ I must say, if making me feel like crap was what she was aiming for, she succeeded.

Being skinny is natural for me. I’m not anorexic or bulimic. I still eat, in fact I eat quite a lot usually. And if you start to doubt that go ahead and ask my boyfriend how it feels to have his skinny little girlfriend chow down on two sausage McMuffins and two hash browns before he can even reach for his damn hash browns. Ask him.

Take a second to think about the bullshit double standards of society. An overweight girl posts a photo on social media captioned with something like: ‘I love my body the way it is.’ The common reaction is for people to show their support with a nice comment. You hear words like: ‘beautiful’, ‘confident’, ‘inspiring.’ But god forbid a skinny girl does this… That’s when you start to hear words like: ‘vain’, ‘narcissistic’ and ‘conceited.’

Like that emotional girl from Mean Girls once said, how wonderful it would be if we could all bake a cake full of rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy. But in reality there would always be that one person who judges everyone else for eating that damn cake.

Anyway, I’m happy with my body and I’m not going to let the negative opinions of someone else get in the way of that. Honestly, that’s what everyone should do, no matter what size they are. But if people could also refrain from being a judgemental prick in the first place, that would be groovy too.


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