Thoughts On Mary Jane

I’ve never smoked marijuana myself, but I have known and even dated people who do. Basically, these are the views of someone on the edge.

Should weed be legalised? Or not? Honestly it doesn’t effect me either way. Though I suppose legalising weed wouldn’t hurt. Statistically, marijuana has killed zero people. Zero. In fact good old Mary Jane can even benefit one’s health. Think of medicinal marijuana, it is sometimes used to treat those suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms, even people undergoing chemotherapy. I have also known people who have claimed that cannabis was successful in treating their ADHD. This does make sense as it is a depressant and therefore has a calming effect on anyone who smokes it.

So why is marijuana illegal?
Of this I am not quite sure, but with the risk of being a kill joy, I have an idea as to why. Due to the effort to legalise weed, people tend to focus on the positive effects. How calm it makes you, how agreeable it makes you, how happy it makes you. Blah blah blah. Weed isn’t all that great though.

The worst thing about weed is it’s addictive nature and it’s because of this that I refuse to even try it. A recent boyfriend of mine was addicted to weed, as were every single one of his friends. From the outside, marijuana was something that brought them all together and made them happy and calm for awhile. But after being thrust into the middle of their social circle, I quickly realised that weed often brought out the worst in them too, even tearing friendships apart.

Basically, when you have a group of friends that share this addiction with you, the norm is usually for one friend to buy some weed, and then proceed to share it around so that everyone can bond with each other over bongs. Pretty much. So what happens when one of these friends gets in the habit of joining in and ‘smoking some cones’ and then withdrawing to their room when the supply runs low and then proceeds to smoke their own secret stash? Not even offering any to anyone? Well I’ll tell you what happens, people get angry.

It doesn’t stop there though, it seems to me that whenever someone is asked to get weed from their ‘dealer’ for someone else, they tend to take a small chunk for them self. Sneaking into someone’s room and taking some of there stash isn’t uncommon either. Unless this doesn’t actually happen and people are just paranoid about their weed. Who the hell knows.

I’ll tell you know, I am the kind of person who has a low tolerance for weakness. If you’re being a pushover, best not hang around me. If you can’t find the strength to tell someone you’re just not into them, don’t come crying to me about it. Anyway you get the drift. Basically I can’t help associating stoners with weakness. These people depend on weed so much that they will spend every last cent of their money on it, they will give away their possessions for it, they will lie for it, they will even betray people and risk friendships for it.

I’ve seen women crying because they’ve gone without weed for too long. I’ve seen men grow angry and snappy because they need weed. Basically, people who are addicted to weed will suffer if they go without it for even as little as half a day. They come home from work, or they have an argument with someone or they even just wake up and they crave weed.

Cannabis becomes apart of their life, it rises to the top of their shopping list, becomes their highest priority. It turns into their favourite activity, the one thing that remains a constant. If you don’t have money for weed, don’t bother going to your friends house, because chances are, weed is the only reason they want you around. You can’t even go out in public if you’re too high because you become paranoid and awkward. You start to worry that everyone is against you, you start to get a little depressed.

So yeah, basically if you smoke weed, that’s fine. Absolutely fine. Just do not pass the dutchie to the left hand side. I think I’ll pass.


8 thoughts on “Thoughts On Mary Jane

  1. As an avid “stoner” and have grown pro-cannabis in Washington state, I must say at least on behalf of myself, that cannabis is not the problem in your story. Its the juvenile lazy children that are the problem. Real men, women and productive citizens of society know how to handle their “weed”. I have kept a full time job AND paid all of my bills on time for the past 10 years. All while STONED. And the people who I associate with and do smoke, can and do, do the same. Anyways, you should take a look at the people you’re associating yourself with before accusing a miracle plant for peoples lame behaviors. Just some food for thought.

    One Love,
    Bailey ❤


    1. You know what Bailey? I’m really glad you commented. It’s great to hear the stoner perspective. And honestly I think you’re probably right, perhaps I should take a look at the people I associated with. Although the people I have spoken of do all have jobs and pay rent themselves as well. Maybe it’s because they’re young and inexperienced?
      Thank you for you input.

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  2. I love how you described your opinion on weed. Yes, there are beneficial medicinal effects on weed but also, there are side effects especially addiction. Marijuana here in the Philippines is never for legalization because of that. As a medical student, in my opinion, weed should be available for patients who needed it most. Those who have seizures and stuff. But really, that still depends on the government if they would legalize weed. So… 😊😊😊


    1. Hi Bea,
      It’s the same here in Australia, it’s only sometimes permitted for medicinal use. But yeah as you said the addictive side of weed is the only downfall.
      Thank you for commenting!

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  3. I’m 100% with you. I don’t care if other people smoke, it’s just not for me. And when people want something legalized they seem to strictly focus on the positives and less on what negetive impact it could have. Either way, I don’t care what others do, it’s just not for me!


  4. I don’t smoke anymore but weed should definitely be legal. I see your point but at the same time, it is very skewed. I have dealt with people like the ones you have described (especially as a teenager), I have also met and are friends with people that smoke but you would have no idea unless they told you. Individuals respond differently but there still have not been any major consequences to smoking. The benefits of weed smashes any consequences that come with it. There are different ways of using the CBD (the chemical in weed that doesn’t get you high but heals) without the THC(the one that gets you high). If we are strictly talking about the addictive quality being enough to keep it illegal, then alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, prescription drugs, etc. should also be illegal. I don’t think that everyone should smoke (especially not at a young age when your brain is still developing) but it should be available for those that would like to, either for medicinal purposes or recreational purposes.


    1. I love your opinion! I agree with you, I honestly don’t see why weed should be illegal. Because like you said, alcohol is perfectly legal despite the fact it causes 100% more deaths than weed. I dare say if politicians liked to smoke weed it would be perfectly legal. For example, in the capital state of Australia it is legal for people to grow small marijuana trees in their own backyards. Really makes me wonder…
      Anyway thank you for commenting!


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