When Heartbroken

Ahh that good old broken-hearted feeling. Hurts like a bitch I know. Having had my heart broken myself, I’ve discovered a thing or two that won’t cure your heartache, but might just make it a little easier.

Watch a kids movie
In my experience, watching an innocent, animated film (Disney movies do the job well) tends to help me calm down. For awhile, you are taken away from the real world and thrust into a happy world, where the only problems are mean, scar-faced lions and bitchy step-mothers.

Lose yourself in a book
There’s nothing quite like the feeling of drifting into a fantasy world for awhile. As long as you’re a book-lover, you’re day will fly by as you read chapter to chapter. Maybe stay away from those romance novels though.

Play the Sims
Just hear me out, with a game like The Sims, you could drift into a new world for awhile. Similar to reading a novel. However, this world is one you’ve created. Do whatever you want, give your sim a happy life, or even create a Sim version of your ex and shut him in a doorless room until he starves. Who am I to judge?

Get out of the house
I know this may be hard, all motivation tends to go out the window when you’ve had your heartbroken. But going out and doing something will help take your mind off things. Hanging out with friends will erase that lonely feeling. Even going to a pub might help. Who knows, you may catch some drunk idiot checking you out. Feel that confidence boost.

Sometimes, when you’ve been dumped, you get angry. There’s no better motivation for fitness than anger. Go jogging while listening to angry music, pump that iron at the gym, take it out on a punching bag. Whatever helps.

This is actually the most obvious one. ‘Sleep it off’ isn’t just a figure of speech you know. Curling up under the blankets and falling into a deep slumber is the easiest way to get through heartbreak. Go to sleep, wake up feeling a little less like crap and go forth into the world.

Pamper yourself
Treating yourself is an amazing way to not only take your mind of things, but to feel more confident as well. Options include: going on a shopping spree, getting your hair done, getting your nails done, or getting a massage.

Let it all out
Naturally, avoiding the pain is right at the top of your list. But getting all the tears and emotions out of your system earlier on is much better than avoiding it and eventually losing your shit at Aunt Fay’s engagement dinner.

Focus on the negatives
No I don’t mean with life in general. Just in regards to your ex. Think about those shitty personality traits of theirs. Remember how they could never take a joke? Or that one time they forgot to give you something for Valentine’s Day? Yeah, screw them.

Good luck.


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