Confessions Of A Fussy Eater

Is there a small list of foods you actually like? Have you stopped trying new things simply because you know you won’t like them? Are you told ‘you don’t know what you’re missing’ a little too much? You’re not alone my friend. I’m a fussy eater too, and from one fussy eater to another: this one’s for you.

I often wish I wasn’t a fussy eater. My whole life I have focused on the negatives of my fussy habits:

Feeling awkward when someone cooks you something new
A person close to you decides they want to do something nice for you. ‘I’m cooking you my famous —– for dinner’ they say. Oh god. Oh please no. You become filled with dread. You are given two unpleasant options: Eat the food, pretend you like it and suffer in silence for the sake of pleasing them. Or don’t eat the food, tell them the truth and let the guilt seep in when you see the disappointment on their face. I feel your pain guys, I really do.

You don’t eat properly
My fussy habits aren’t exactly good for my body… How can you eat healthy when you don’t even like healthy food? I love junk food. LOVE it. Take away food is too much of a temptation for me. If someone says ‘hey, let’s go get pizza for dinner’ we’ll go get pizza. This, combined with the fact that I’m to lazy to learn to cook (not that I’d have many recipe options anyway) has condemned me to an unhealthy diet. What is nutrition? What is balance? Who knows.

You’re predictable
There’s very little variety to your diet, you’re always eating the same things at home and you’re always ordering the same things when you go out. You’re boring. I’m boring. We’re boring. I go out for a nice family dinner at a nice Aussie pub. Everyone asks each other what they’re getting. Everyone says something different and interesting. Then they look to me and say ‘you’re getting a chicken schnitzel and chips aren’t you?’ I look down in shame: ‘yes.’ I think life would be easier if I was just allowed to order from the kids menu I think, but I would never say that out loud. I am supposed to be an adult after all.

I go to an all you can eat restaurant. Everyone adorns their dishes with noodles, steaks, salads, seafoods. But I just stick with nuggets and chips. Oh and the occasional calamari ring. I’m so diverse.

All negatives aside, being a fussy eater isn’t all bad. There are some perks as well:

You’re easier to please
When out to dinner with family or friends, you take a look at the menu and notice you only like one or two meal options. Your decisions made, you get to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere while everyone around you struggles to settle on just one meal. There will be no difficult decision for you. Oh the simplicity.

Your grocery shopping is easier
People who will eat just about anything naturally have more options when strolling through down the shopping aisle. This can be more time consuming and more expensive. But not for you, my fussy friend. No, you know exactly what you want, you get in there, hunt down your small list of foods you actually like, and then get out of there. It’s oh so much cheaper too.

New foods are more exciting
Naturally, you’ve given up trying new foods awhile ago. But sometimes you take a chance and have a nibble on something different. And what happens when you actually like it? Magic happens. You’ve finally found something else you like, something new you can add to your small list. There’s more variety to your life now. It’s beautiful.

Being a fussy eater may suck sometimes. But it’s not a lifestyle choice. It’s just a part of who you are. Embrace the fussiness I say. From this day forward when someone says ‘you don’t know what you’re missing’ don’t you worry at all.

Because yes, you don’t know what you’re missing. So you’re not really ‘missing’ anything are you?


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