The Not So Perfect Housemate

Like many young adults, I myself have had the pleasure of living with housemates. Unfortunately however, sharing a house isn’t all unicorns and rainbows… Here are just a few things housemates may do that just might make you cringe.

They’re lazy as hell…
Apparently, the task of washing the dishes strikes fear in the hearts of many and is heavily avoided by housemates at all costs. In all honesty, washing dishes doesn’t exactly float my boat either, but you gotta do what you gotta do. There are two ways this can be resolved, either you hold out in the hopes that a fellow housemate may take one for the team and get sucked into doing it yourself anyway once the dishes have formed a line across the kitchen. Or you calmly confront your housemate and ask if they can help out more. Yes it sounds awkward, but that my friend is equality.

Ever caught a glimpse of your housemates room and asked yourself ‘how do they live like this?!’ ‘Why do they leave used dishes in there?!’ ‘Where has their floor gone?!’ ‘What has this world come to?!’ Simply having clothes thrown across the floor is fine, absolutely fine, it happens! But leaving dishes, cups and bottles everywhere is not cool. Not cool at all.

Other examples of extreme laziness include leaving clothes in the washing machine for hours on end (if you politely put them in a basket, don’t be surprised if they do not get hung up to dry for a few days). Also leaving towels on the floor and even leaving pans (with baking paper or food crumbs still in them) on the stove.

They share more than just a house with you…
They say sharing is caring, but some things should never be shared. A housemate may open the fridge, realise they don’t have as much food as they thought, then proceed to eat some of yours. One morning, I had woken up to find a packet of Doritos, four cans of soft drink, some biscuits and a few slice of cheese had been eaten.

It can get a lot worse than sharing your food however, I’ve had housemates that have even gone so far as to share hygiene related items… Ever been in the shower and glanced at your soap and noticed that there is no other bar of soap? Or noticed that your razor is the only razor? Either your housemates don’t use soap or razors, or they’re using yours…

Irritating bathroom habits…
Oh the pleasures of getting in the shower (especially in winter) and being sprayed with freezing cold water. Curse those housemates, curse them! I don’t know about you, but I’ve had housemates who prefer to brush their teeth in the shower too, nothing wrong with that. But when their toothbrushes are carelessly left on top of your things and their toothpaste turns out to be your toothpaste that mysteriously ‘disappeared’, it gets a little annoying.

I’ve had my housemates bring home drunk and rowdy friends at 4am in the morning, I’ve had my brand new dessert bowls filled with water and given to their dog for a drinking bowl. The list of annoying housemate habits goes on and on.

The best thing to do is tell your housemate what bothers you and establish some ground rules. If that doesn’t work out, it’s time to evict them.

The tribe has spoken.



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