Cure for a Rainy Day

If you’re anything like me, there’s only one place you’ll want to be when it starts raining: inside! From the cliché to the less traditional, here’s a few ideas to keep you entertained when the clouds come out to play.

Watch a Movie or tv show
The most obvious idea for a rainy day, watching a movie or having a tv show marathon is a great way to pass the time quicker when there’s nothing else to do.
Suggestions: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The Breakfast Club, Kill Bill One and Two, Game of Thrones, 2 Broke Girls, Please Like Me.

Bake something yummy
Preparing and baking a tasty treat can keep you on your toes while a small chunk of your day passes by. Best of all, you get to enjoy something delicious at the end!
Suggestions: Mug cakes, chocolate pudding, chocolate brownies, cupcakes.


Take an online quiz
The endless selection of quizzes on the Internet are more than enough to help you get through a rainy day quicker.
Suggestions: Personality or trivia quizzes.

Read something interesting
What I’ve always loved the most about novels is their ability to whisk your mind away to a different place. If novels aren’t your thing, magazines can get the job done just as well.
Suggestions: novels such as The Help or Memoirs of a Geisha or Magazines such as Frankie or Peppermint Magazine.


Don’t want the lack of sunlight getting in the way of your daily exercising? An abundance of apps specialising in home exercise are at your finger tips.
Suggestions: Yoga Studio, 7 Minute Workout, Sworkit.

Don’t want to just lay around all day? There’s nothing like a DIY project to make your day more productive. Best of all, you’ll gain something new that you can be proud of.
Suggestions: Mason Jar Lanterns, Clothes Peg Candle Holders, Outdoor Palette Lounges.


Listen to music
Is the pitter patter of raindrops not the ideal soundtrack to your day? Pump some tunes and let your mood shine.
Suggestions: Flume, Lorde, Adele.

Mix and match outfits
If you love shopping as much as I do, you’ll have endless outfit possibilities right there in your wardrobe. Trying on clothes and seeing what goes together best is a great way to not only pass the time, but to boost your confidence and even save time by deciding what outfit you may wear when you go out to dinner next.
Suggestion: Mix and match outfits that suit a variety of occasions.


Rearrange your bedroom
Getting bored of your current layout? Get creative and give your bedroom a fresh new look. You may find that you sleep a little better too!

May your next rainy day be an entertaining one!


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