The Dreaded Job Hunt

Finding a job may prove to be quite easy and simple for some, but for people like myself, job hunting couldn’t be more stressful.

For about a year and a half now I have been on the painstakingly long and mostly unfulfilling journey that is the job hunt. As a high school student, I had decided that I wouldn’t get a job until I had completed my schooling. Oh my do I regret that decision now.

Employers of the 21st century have created such unbelievably high standards that make gaining employment near impossible for young adults. Basically you are expected to have experience before you can actually get experience. This fact coupled with the reality that I live in a small town with rarely any job possibilities anyway is the reason I have been unemployed for so long. I mean, a year and a half… Really? You might think I am exaggerating but it really has been that long.

At a guess, I would say I have applied for well over a hundred jobs. In my home town, in towns nearby, even in a city located an hour away. When I have applied for a job, one of five outcomes always occurs:

  1. I receive a brief email thanking me for my application but also stating that I have been unsuccessful (translation; you’re resume is crap and we can’t believe you actually bothered).
  2. I am told, ‘we don’t have any positions going right now, but we’ll keep your resume on file’ (translation; we’re throwing your resume into a pile that will probably never be read, don’t expect to hear from us anytime soon).
  3. I get called in for an interview and when the employer discovers that I am lacking of a masters degree and endless years of experience I never hear from them again. It was nice to meet you too.
  4. I am asked to complete a few trial shifts then I am no longer needed.
  5. I don’t even hear from the employer at all.

I am forever waiting for outcome number six to occurr. Basically, the closest I have come to gaining employment has been through trial shifts. This has happened on two occasions. The first occasion, I had worked long hours and was simply thanked and sent on my way without even getting payed. The horror. And on the second occasion, I worked the hardest I possibly could, even writing down notes when I would return home, only to be told that another person was selected to be hired instead. You could imagine the irony when I was told that that same person had then taken their three first shifts off in order to pursue their dream of being a famous guitar player. ‘I would have done those shifts’ I mumbled, ‘I don’t care about guitars…’

My daily routine now includes checking job search apps five or ten times a day, applying for any job I feel I may have a chance at getting. I was even interviewed on the phone today, the interview went great, but I’ve learnt that that means nothing, that I must not raise my hopes, that I’ve been this close before.

Will I be on the job hunt for much longer? Will today’s interview prove to be just another interview? Or will it be the interview?

Stay tuned.




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