Nice To Meet You

So I figure my first blog post should be an introduction. Who am I? What defines me? You’re about to find out. 

The name’s Shaniikah (pronounced ‘Shan-ee-kah’). Yes I know, it’s an usual name, you could only imagine how interesting introductions are for me. Anyway more on that later.

I’m a nineteen year old Australian girl. I’m average height (for a woman), I have green eyes, long naturally brunette hair and olive skin. Literally my whole life I’ve lived in a small, uneventful town that most people haven’t even heard of and honestly, I’m kind of happy for them.

Five words that would best describe my personality? Silly, kind, humorous, stubborn and sometimes, bitchy as hell.

What makes me who I am? My constant need to thoroughly plan everything, my resilience: whenever I hit a snag in life I remain optimistic and somehow, just somehow always manage to emerge unscathed. What can I say, I’m a Scorpio.


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